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Energy Industry

Energy Industry

Energy industry is a broad sector that encompasses the production, distribution, and consumption of energy. It is a critical industry for addressing energy transition, climate change mitigation, and achieving sustainable development goals. GD-HUB precision prototyping can help the energy industry achieve technology validation, performance optimization, safety assurance, cost reduction, stakeholder engagement and innovation.

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Energy Industry Precision Manufacturing Capabilities

From prototyping to high-volume production, GD-HUB provides variety of precision manufacturing services for your (Green) Energy projects, techniques including: CNC machining, rapid tooling, injection molding, vacuum casting, die casting, sheet metal fabrication, aluminum extrusion and 3D printing, surface finishing. Streamlined manufacturing processes, competitive prices, and on-demand production.

Injection Molding

Injection Molding

Vacuum Casting

Vacuum Casting

3D Printing

3D Printing

Our Services

With over 15 years of experience designing and manufacturing prototypes for various industries. Whether it's prototyping into reality or high-volume precision manufacturing, GD-HUB's team of engineers and designers are also can provide best serving customers in the energy and new energy industries. Produce and manufacture the most reliable and highest quality green energy precision prototype components for their customers.

The quality inspection team will perform quality checks on each prototype to ensure that the structural strength, specifications and performance of the part meet your market needs, helping you get your product to market faster.

GD-HUB offers the following additive manufacturing processes for customers in the energy industry:

Prototype mold design provided by professional team

Precise prototype mold validation and testing

Consistent and focused production validation and testing

Rigorous quality verification and testing

Mass production

Any special demand, welcome to enquiry!

We yearn for a first-class rapid prototypes enterprise that exceeding customer expectations.


Other Manufacturing Capabilities

CNC Machining

CNC Machining

Some Energy Components 

Produced By CNC Machining

Turbine Components

Pump Components

Heat Exchanger Tubesheets

Generator Components

Valve Bodies

Heat Sink Components

Transmission Components

Electrical Connectors

Bearing Housings


Injection Molding

Injection Molding

Some Energy Components 

Produced By Injection Molding :

Enclosures & Housings



Cooling Fans

Gaskets and Seals

Cable Management Parts

Sensor Housings

Mounting Brackets

Circuit Breaker Components

Electrical Switches



Some Energy Components 

Produced By Extrusion

Heat Sinks

Frame Structures

Mounting Rail

Senclosures For Solar Panels

LED lighting

Plastic Tubing & Pipes

Electrical Conduit

Rubber Extrusions

Fiberglass Profiles

Sheet Metal Fabrication

Sheet Metal Fabrication

Some Energy Components 

Produced By 

Sheet Metal Fabrication :

Enclosures and Cabinets

Heat Exchangers

Support Structures

 & Frames

Ductwork & 

Ventilation Components

Electrical Enclosures & Boxes

Cable Trays & 

Conduit Systems

Chassis & Casing

Busbars & Bus Ducts.

Solar Mounting Systems

Sheet Metal Components

For Turbines

Case Show

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