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Medical Device Industry

Medical Device Industry

Medical device industry encompasses the design, development, manufacture and distribution of all types of medical devices. These devices play a key role in healthcare, assisting in the diagnosis, treatment, monitoring and management of medical conditions. Prototype manufacturing services of GD-HUB is an important step in the medical device industry, ensuring that medical devices meet quality standards, regulatory requirements and provide safer and more effective medical coverage.

High precision medical products

ISO 13485:2016 certified

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Medical Device Precision Manufacturing Capabilities

Whether it's for prototype design verification or final manufacturing of precision finished products, GD-HUB can easily and perfectly handle it. GD-HUB provides variety of high precision manufacturing services for your Medical Device projects, techniques including: CNC machining, rapid tooling, injection molding, vacuum casting, die casting, sheet metal fabrication, aluminum extrusion and 3D printing, surface finishing. Streamlined&quickly manufacturing processes, competitive prices, and on-demand production,ensuring that your medical devices meet the higest quality standards.

3D Printing Medical Devices

3D Printing Medical Devices

Surface Finishing of Medical Implants

Surface Finishing of Medical Implants

Surface Finishing of Medical Implants

Surface Finishing of Medical Implants

Our Services

GD-HUB's medical device prototyping supported with the best dedicated technical team, generates functional prototypes based on precise design and material specifications. These prototypes enable company to verify the validity and manufacturability of designs and verify whether product designs need to be modified before the products can be mass produced and marketed for distribution,gaining a head start in the market.

GD-HUB provides reliable additive manufacturing and rapid prototyping solutions to meet the needs of our customers in the medical device industry. GD-HUB will deliver high quality,most safty high precision products on time and at the most reasonable price.

GD-HUB offers the following rapid prototyping processes for customers in the Medical Devices industry:

Prototyping Mold Design

Prototyping Mold Validation and Testing

Production Validation and Testing

Quality Validation and Testing

Mass Production

Any special demand, welcome to enquiry!

We yearn for a first-class rapid prototypes enterprise that exceeding customer expectations.


Other Manufacturing Capabilities

CNC Machining

CNC Machining

Medical Device Parts 

Produced By Cnc Machining:

Implant Components:  

Orthopedic implants

Dental Implants

Prosthetic Part

Surgical Instruments: 

Forceps, Retractors,

Scalpel Handles

Bone Drills

Device Housings 

& Enclosures:

Monitoring Systems

Diagnostic Equipment

Surgical Tools

Custom Adapters 

& Connectors

Instrumentation Panels

Sensor Housings & Mounts

Fluidic Components: 

Valves, Manifolds, 



Electrical & Electronic: 

Connectors, Terminals, 

Contact pins, 

Housings for Circuit Boards

Wiring Assemblies

Injection Molding

Injection Molding

Medical Device Parts Produced 

By Injection Molding:

Housing & Enclosures

Connectors & Fittings: 

For Fluid Or 

Electrical Connections

Disposable : 

Syringe barrels 


Specimen containers

Test Tubes

IV Drip Chambers

Drug Delivery :

Inhaler Parts

Insulin Pen Components

Autoinjector Casings

Surgical Instrument 

Handles and Grips

Diagnostic Device: 

Test Kits

Blood Collection Devices

Diagnostic Cartridges

Surgical Mask:

Mask Body

Ear Loops

Nose Clips

Sheet Metal Fabrication

Sheet Metal Fabrication

Medical Device Parts Produced 

By Sheet Metal Fabrication:

Equipment Housings: 

Diagnostic Equipment

Imaging Systems

Monitoring Devices

Brackets & Mounting

Plates components:

Instrument Trays & Racks

Enclosures for Control Panels

Cable Management: 

cable trays, 

clips, brackets, 


Equipment Stands & Carts

Sensor Mounts & Brackets...



Medical Device Parts 

Produced By 3D Printing


Implants & Prosthetics

Surgical Guides & Tools

Customized Orthotics & Braces

Dental Restorations

Specific Medical 

Device Components

Surgical Models

 & Training Aids

Bioresorbable Implants

& Drug Delivery Systems

Tissue and Organ Models

Assistive Devices 

& Rehabilitation Tools

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